Pool building process

  • Excavation

    Day one we excavate the pool.  Normally this takes just one day. 

  • Steel

    The following day the steel is completed. 

  • Stub Plumbing

    After the steel is installed, we install the stub out pool plumbing.

  • Gunite

    The next step is Gunite. 

  • Plumbing & Electrical

    After Gunite, the plumbing and electrical are installed. 

  • Tile & Coping

    Tile & coping normally takes a few days depending on the size of your pool and any water features. 

  • Decking

    After the tile & coping, we will form the deck.  Before we pour, we make sure you are satisfied with the layout. 

  • Finishing & Pool School

    After the deck is finished, we will clean out the pool and get it ready for finishing. After finishing, the crew will fill the pool. Once full, we will startup the pool, and schedule your pool school.