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About Spring Pools

Spring Pools was established by Mike Lowman who has been building high-quality swimming pools since 2007. Mike personally designs and oversees every stage of construction to ensure the integrity of the entire process. Every pool project is designed and built as if it was in his own backyard.

We specialize in helping our customers make their backyard dream a reality. With our experience and knowledge, we help guide you through the process of designing and building a custom swimming pool. Spring Pools uses updated and eco-friendly “green” products. We offer a variety of other backyard design options – including landscaping, outdoor lighting, outdoor kitchens, pool fencing and pergolas.

Swimming Pool Installation in Montgomery and North Harris County, including Spring, Tomball, The Woodlands and Conroe

At Spring Pools our commitment to customer service and our expertise pool design and construction make us the builder, contractor of choice for your custom pool and backyard projects in The Woodlands, Tomball, Conroe, Magnolia, and Spring Areas. From initial concept planning to implementation and final outcome, each homeowner can feel confident in the reliability, integrity, and knowledge of the team at Spring Pools.

Spring Pools

Our Philosophy

Because Spring Pools is not a large volume pool builder, we give
our clients the quality and attention they deserve allowing us to
complete a pool within 30 to 45 days. With our experience and
expertise in pool design, Spring Pools has been extremely
successful at providing a high level of customer satisfaction. We
are very confldent we can build the swimming pool of your

“One of the common mistakes people make is hiring the biggest,
most heavily advertised pool company in the area. Some of those
companies subcontract everything to smaller outfits, and the
person on the ads promising ~best pool contractor in the city~
never shows up at all on the job site. This is not just a trick of large
companies though. Less established contractors also do it if they
don’t have a lot of expenise.

That’s why established , well reputed , hands-on contractors
that personally oversee projects are in high demand.

People in the industry recommend physically going to the pool
contractor’s office and/or to a couple finished projects , and
asking questions until you’re certain the contractor you’re talking
to will be overseeing the job personally-and have spoken with
happy customers who vouch for the work quality.”

Frequently asked questions

Whether it is pool maintenance and management questions or maybe troubleshooting tips and repairs, we have an answer for you.  Here are some frequently asked questions, if you have any additional questions please contact us, we are here to help.

Do you have the underground utilities located, and is there a cost?2023-09-13T18:27:09+00:00

Yes, Spring Pools will call Lone Star Notification Center, who will in turn notify all the utility companies to mark their underground lines.  Most of the time the service is free. If Centerpoint Engery provided the electrical service to your home, you are responsible for having the electrical line located.  LSNC will notify Spring Pools of all the utility companies.  If Centerpoint is listed for your Electrical, we can have a private company locate your electrical line for a fee of $75.

Do you offer any other services?2023-09-13T18:26:29+00:00

Yes, for your swimming pool, we instruct you on how to maintain and use your pool equipment in our “Pool School.” We also provide a semiannual cleaning of your cartridge filters. Other services Spring Pool provides are Pool Landscaping & Lighting, Outdoor Kitchens, Verandas, Pergolas, and Fire Pits.

Do you offer financing?2023-09-13T18:26:21+00:00


Do you use variable speed pumps?2023-09-13T18:26:10+00:00

We offer Pentair variable speed energy efficient pumps which can provide up to 90% savings on electricity.

How can we expect the construction to affect our yard?2023-09-13T18:25:33+00:00

The access used for pool construction will be final graded and ready for sod installation at the completion of the pool. The owner will be responsible for re-sodding and or landscaping around the perimeter of the pool after the construction has reached completion unless otherwise contracted with Spring Pools to do so.

How do I know how many gallons of water are in my pool?2023-09-13T18:25:57+00:00

Multiply the average length times the average width, times the average depth.  Then multiply that number by 7.48.  (Length x Width x Depth x 7.48).

How do you come up with a design that meets our needs and budget?2023-09-13T18:25:44+00:00

We extract as much information from you concerning your pool needs, likes and dislikes, whether you desire straight lines or freeform curve lines etc. You may like rock work, water features, spa, LED lighting, an interior pebble finish, or home automation. We design this by computer and will present you a presentation which will include complete price itemization and equipment specifications.

When the pool is finished can we still contact you for any questions we may have?2023-09-13T18:23:40+00:00

Yes, we are always a phone call or email away for as long as you own your pool.

What type of sanitation system do you reccomend?2023-09-13T18:23:51+00:00

A chlorine generator or “Salt System” is an effective and convenient way to keep your pool sparkling clean and sanitized, without the handling of chlorine.  We suggest Pentairs.  Another very effective way to sanitize your pool is with an “Ozone System”.  Ozone is introduced into the pool and kills 99.99% of the bacteria in your pool.  We recommend Del Ozone’.

What are the equipment warranties?2023-09-13T18:24:16+00:00

The pumps, filters, heaters, cleaners, LED lights, and the salt and ozone sanitation systems, come with a three-year manufactures warranty.   Other items such as valves and actuators come with a manufacturer warranty of one to twelve months.

How long does it take to build a swimming pool?2023-09-13T18:24:28+00:00

It depends on the complexity and the weather but usually takes no longer than 4 to 6 weeks.

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